Gilbert’s Craft Sausages

Inspired Flavors

Our sausages are inspired by experiences both big and small – from a Hawaiian honeymoon luau, to a beer in the Belgian countryside, or even just a morning working in the garden. Drawing from these moments to craft great sausages is our passion, and we hope that comes through in every bite.

All the Good Stuff, No Funny Stuff

Gilbert's doesn't cut corners. Take a look at our ingredients lists, and you won’t find anything like Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, MSG, or Sodium Nitrite. We use better ingredients like beef sirloin and gluten free craft beer, and natural preservatives like sea salt, cherry powder and cultured celery juice powder.

Single-Serve Links: Tear One Off and the Rest Stay Fresh!

Each Gilbert’s Craft Sausage is individually vacuum-sealed and pre-cooked. Our packaging keeps your purchase fresh in the refrigerator. No more wasted food, and no freezing and thawing needed. Just peel open, warm and enjoy!