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We recently traded products with our new friends at Tessemae’s, one of the country’s best loved brands of all-natural / organic condiments, dressings, marinades and other sausage-friendly accoutrements.

Wherein we take great pains to avoid copyright violation

We recently traded products with our new friends at Cleveland Kraut to try out some recipes. First let us say – this is the good stuff. Not "kraut in a bag" with sodium benzoate, but live, active cultures in a variety of both classic and gnarly flavors. With food fanatics falling all over themselves to discover the latest kimchi variant, you are missing out here.

We answer the age-old tailgate question; burgers or sausage? Spoiler alert: the answer is sausage.
After trying Tunnsbrödsrulle, Anthony Bourdain proclaimed, “This is the most disgusting thing ever…and I love it.” Here’s our “fancy” update for this popular Swedish street food, using Gilbert’s Beef & Bleu and Angelic Bakehouse Wraps and Hot Dog Buns.