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Food Swap: Cleveland Kraut

Food Swap: Cleveland Kraut

Craft Sausages meet Craft Fermentations

We recently traded products with our new friends at Cleveland Kraut to try out some recipes. First let us say – this is the good stuff. Not "kraut in a bag" with sodium benzoate, but live, active cultures in a variety of both classic and gnarly flavors. With food fanatics falling all over themselves to discover the latest kimchi variant, you are missing out here.

Whether you want to top your Chicken Brat with some Classic Caraway, Koops Düsseldorf mustard and a pickle spear, or you want to get gnarly with the Gnar Gnar and try something different, Drew and Luke are running a great company that makes seriously good kraut.

Yes, we could have just made some classic sausage-on-a-bun combinations, and everyone would have loved them. But we stretched ourselves a bit, and landed on a few good uses for kraut we otherwise wouldn't have considered. Kraut on eggs? Yes, do it. It tastes amazing. The pita pockets are seriously good. Frankly, the Poutine needs a little work, but it’s a start.

You can find us together in and around Cleveland at Heinen’s and Market District stores.