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  • Gilbert’s Bourbon Apple Chicken Sausage

A whole lotta flavor, not a lotta fat.

You might know about Gilbert’s great flavor, our individually-wrapped links or our all natural ingredients. But did you know we’re also one of the lightest sausages in terms of fat and calories? If you’re looking for a go-to for your New Year’s resolution, look no further!

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How Gilbert’s Stacks Up

Gilbert’s chicken sausages are lighter in fat and calories.

Product Gilbert’s Bourbon Apple Chicken Sausage Leading Apple Chicken Sausage Leading Natural Pork Sausage
Fat 5g 12g 19g
Calories 120 180 230

*per link

How We Do It

Our sausages taste great without the extra fat and calories.

Pork Free

Most brands use pork intestinal casings, and some chicken sausages even add pork fat for flavor. Gilbert’s Craft Sausages are all pork-free.

Skinless Chicken

Chicken skin adds flavor, but also a lot of fat and cholesterol to sausages. We only use skinless dark meat chicken for more flavor with less fat.

Clean Labels

Some brands add fillers like corn syrup and oil for flavor or texture. Gilbert’s ingredients aren’t just all natural - they’re essential. Your health is just as important to us as great flavor.

Individually-Wrapped Craft Sausages

with Mozzarella, Basil & Sun-Dried Tomatoes
with Pineapple, Ginger & Brown Sugar