Make Your Sausage Case a Destination

Gilbert’s is doing for sausage what the craft beer revolution has done for beer: growing and re-shaping the market by attracting new, quality-conscious consumers.

Key Differentiators

Better Safety & Longer Shelf Life

  • We utilize best-in-class manufacturing technology to cook the product in the package, eliminating oxidation and enhancing shelf life.
  • 180 day shelf life from date of manufacture.

Clean-Label, Artisanal Quality & Flavor

  • Clean-label recipes overcome the objections to traditional sausages (e.g. “too fatty”, “too salty”, contains artificial preservatives, etc.)
  • Unique, artisanal flavor profiles meet the tastes of discerning shoppers.

PerfPack™: Individually-Wrapped Links

PerfPack™ keeps each link freshly sealed

  • Reduce food waste: Open just what is needed
  • Meal flexibility: Mix & match varieties
  • Portable: Drop one in lunch box or brief case
  • Convenient: Microwave in package for 25 seconds

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Gilbert’s Craft Sausages
207A W. Front Street
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