Customer Testimonials

[The Froman is] a hundred times better than any other “uncured” dog I’ve had, and up there with some of the best all beef dogs in general.

– Hawk Krall, Serious Eats

Oh, Boy!  I love these sausages!!!  I tried the kale and chicken sausages this time and loved them. I really like the fact that they come packed for single servings and they do not contain hydrolyzed soy and msg and no nitrates or nitrites. Just good stuff. They even have real chicken and not the mechanically separated chicken...thank you.

– Alta L.

Tried your Bourbon Apple single-serve links. Not only do they taste great, I really like the single-serve packaging. Thanks!

– Colette K.

I love how you can pull apart the sausages individually LOVE LOVE LOVE makes it so easy!

– Amanda E.

Ah, hot dogs! A number of grocers in town carry Gilbert's. Their hot dog is called The Froman, an uncured all-beef dog. It is the best I have tasted in a long long time!

– Fydeaux on

Flat out best sausages I have ever had...period. You have a fan in Seattle.

– Robert C.

Just cooked your Beer Brat over the weekend - what a delight. Easy to prepare, delicous, and super affordable!

– Ken K.

Tried these out for the first time on the kids – score!!

– Angie P.

I purchased a couple of boxes of your “Beef & Cheddar” sausages from Costco this past summer. I was  very pleased with this products and they were absolutely delightful.  I have never enjoyed sausage with cheese so much.

– Anthony K.

I just tried your Gluten-Free Beer Bratwurst and I am so impressed. They reminded me of how brats used to taste growing up in Wisconsin and yet they don't have any of the nitrates or nitrites, corn syrup or msg. Well done!

– Deborah T.

I found your Beef and Cheddar Sausages a few weeks ago at Costco. They were absolutely fabulous, and decided they would become a staple in my home. But unfortunately, when went back to Costco, they had disappeared! They are incredible, and from reviews I'm finding online, I'm not the only one who thinks so. I'm on a very restricted diet, and it's so rare for me to find a premade product that I can eat, and truly love.

– Liz J.

The Beef & Bleu are amazing. I “splurged” and bought a box of these because I had $1 off coupon… they were incredible, I will buy again and maybe try other flavors as I get deals or whatever on them… but wow, I have been enjoying one in the morning for breakfast with some eggs.

– Jeff S.

Thank you so much for making such excellent GLUTEN FREE sausages! In addition to the selection and delicious flavors I especially like that the sausages are individually wrapped. That works out great for me, they're easy to take for work lunches and being single it's nice not having to heat an entire package and "leftover" the rest.

– Jim M.

I purchased your craft franks at Heinen's in Middleburg Heights, OH. Just one word...WOW!!! These are by far the best tasting franks I have ever tasted...including local specialty shop purchases. When you factor in the added health benefits of your manufacturing process...these are currently on my must have list when it comes to franks! Keep up the outstanding product offerings!!

– Bob R.

We at Glutenista just wanted to send you a huge THANKS for making a gluten-free beer brat! It has been years since we've enjoyed a brat, like good Minnesota gals that we are, and it was wonderful. Love the individual wrapping and your Beef & Bleu are AMAZING! Keep up the good work!

– Glutenista

My husband is very sensitive to trace amounts of gluten and casein (the protein in cow milk) . He is able to eat your plain hot dogs without problems. He really likes them and I hope our local grocery store continues to carry them. It is hard to find high quality foods that are conveniently packaged for travel.  We just had some for dinner tonight too. Thank you!!!!

– Laurie W.

Thanks for the great sausage! We just enjoyed the beer brats made with gluten-free beer - loved them! It's been a long time since I could have a beer brat.

– Linda O.

I recently tried and bought your chicken sausage at Costco and absolutely loved it. When I went back to buy more it was all gone. is there another place I can buy it?

– Ina Z.

I was buying Gilbert's Beef & Cheddar at Costco….we LOVE them!

– Anne E.

Beef & Bleu rocks! Best Sausage EVER!! A fan from Minnesota!!

– Diana O.

I LOVE the chicken and onion brat!  Unfortunately, I can't find them at Costco anymore. Where can I get some?

– Monica

We purchased your Beer Bratwurst at the Chardon OH Heinens recently. Since it was produced in a nearby state by a smaller company and I knew what all the ingredients (no unknowns that I couldn't pronounce), we decided to give it a try. They were excellent!!! Cooked up quick and exactly as the instructions indicated.. they came out the perfect. Will recommend your product and purchase again.

– Nicholas D.

I want to give you a big Thank You for the sausages we received from you. We enjoyed each and every one of them! We have decided our favorites are the Froman and the Beef & Bleu! We were tickled pink to find out that Hy Vee carries them now too. We have hit them up twice already to buy more of your great craft sausages and will continue to do so.I do hope your business continues to grow and more people check put your sausages.Thanks a big bunch!

– Gail H.

THANK YOU!!! Love your Sausage with Cheddar, they are awesome! We are gluten-free and had nitrates. Love the single serve wrapping what a terrific idea!

– Kiki M.

Sausage is serious business in our house. My Lithuanian spouse gets a little antsy without good sausage every few days and our son seems to be following suit. When they are out of town my very favorite meal is a good salad with slices of browned Gilbert's. Ohhhh, just so good. We appreciate your quality, reasonable pricing and variety. Just thought I'd let you know that your efforts are savored and much appreciated in our household.

– Erica H.

Holy Cow!, so to speak. THE BEST uncured sausage I have tried. I found "The Froman" at Metcalfe's West this morning and had one for lunch. I'm additives sensitive, so good sausage is  scarce. You are now on the top of my list. Thank you so much! Soon Wisconsin will be famous for cheese and Gilbert's.

– Gail B.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good! I'm sensitive to MSG & it's great to find a very excellent quality sausage that I can eat. THANK YOU!

– Debbie M.

I have always loved brats, but only get Gilbert's these days at Jewel. Ever since my first Gilbert's none other begins to compare!! My fav are the beer brats. Have to go to Jewel for more today!

– Gayle B

We just had your brats for dinner tonight & they are the BEST brats I've ever had...and I'm 60 years old!

– Debbie M.

I tried to send a note a few weeks back, with no luck:( I purchased for the first time your Froman Dogs, and I am a "hot dog" lover from WAY BACK-(I am 63). I eat zero processed meats, lunch meats- so needless to say I miss my HOT DOG even after all these years. I loved yours, and FINALLY a dog that FITS THE BUN- not these "skinny" dogs?? So, that being said, I wanted to make doubly sure about the "fillers" in your dogs- what is listed on the package is ALL that is in them, because I am going to purchase a truck load of these and go back to my "child hood" days. Thank you for a great product. I found them at Kroger's which I rarely shop- I shop Meijers who do not carry them. I can change to Krogers because it is a nice store. Thank You for your time, and a product I feel I can trust, and enjoy.

– Mary H.

Here's the deal: I love the smell of hot dogs but don't eat them because hot dogs are disgusting. So, it's summer and once again I have a craving for something I refuse to eat. Yesterday, I came upon Gilbert's Froman while browsing and bit the bullet. The.Best.Dogs.Ever. My family says thank you for not putting disgusting stuff in your food! And they taste great. Win-Win. Seriously, thanks.

– Shelly A.

We drive to Madison from Sterling Illinois for your sausages. We buy enough so all of our friends can enjoy too. Whenever we serve these up everyone says they are the best they have ever had!

– Vicki M.

My never ending Task of finding a Healthy Good Tasting All Beef Dog - Just Ended Purchased 2 packs of The Froman Uncured Beef Franks from Harris Teeter. They are fantastic. Good Job People at Gilberts and what smart packaging with the single serve. That was a very welcomed surprise also. Thank You for Getting the Job Done with The Froman.

– John B.

@GilbertsSausage I received my package on Friday. Each sausage was perfection. You have a new loyal customer!!! :-) my fam loved them too!!

– @LatTeiceg

Hi: I just tried the gluten free beer brat and it is awesome. I have never heard of your company before, but I am definitely a fan now. Thanks so much, I will also recommend this to my niece who is gluten intolerant.

– Donna H.

Glad to have @Heinens in Barrington, great variety of products. Enjoyed discovering @GilbertsSausage there.

– @PhillipLeslie

I enjoyed these guys so much last year that I HAD to have some again this year. Put it this way, as good as the FREE bar-b-que was, I still shelled out $5 to take a bite outta one of these. Boy am I glad I did...

– @SudSavant

Best hot dog we have ever had. Thanks for making it gluten free as I have Celiac. My husband doesn't but loved it as much!

– Terri C.

You guys are amazing! I'll def be buying some of these at the local grocery store!!! Keep on makin them bleu cheese sausages!!! They're soo yummy! :)

– Kevin B.

I just want to say that i love your guys products that you put out in the supermarkets very much!! I would rate them over 100+!! Great job guys!!

– Andy P.

Purchased your product on a whim, and I'm sooooooo happy I did! Word of mouth is the best advertising you can get! And I have a big mouth!

– Joey M.

YOU ARE THE VERY BEST! I grab people who are near your sausages in the Harris Teeter store where I shop and tell them about how wonderful your product is. My husband and I just LOVE both the brats and the hot dogs. AND you are in my home state in Wisconsin where I grew up and also went to the U of Wisc. Thank you so much for restoring hot dogs to my own personal menu.

– Karen M.

Just found you guys at Heinen's in Ohio. They caught my eye being new AND for having gluten free beer brats. On closer inspection I noticed you use New Grist which we LOVE! May have to break out the grill tonight in the rain. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! For choosing to go gluten free with your product!!

– Jack W.

Purchased your beef & cheddar sausages at Jewel in Bourbonnais, Illinois (or maybe Kroger).  Served these for dinner one evening, and both my husband and I liked them.  Thought I would drop you a line letting you know I will definitely go back looking for more of this product. We were pleased that they are individually wrapped so there is no loss due to refrigerator damage. Thank you for making a good product.

– Linda G.

I purchased several boxes of the Gilbert's Beef & Cheddar 16 link 40oz box for $12.69 a box at the Middleton, WI Costco on Nov. 6th and one time earlier than that, maybe late October, when a rep from your company was in Costco previewing your products. Our family LOVED them and just finished the last of the ones in our freezer. Went back to Costco to get more and did not find them! Oh no! We miss them, and miss seeing your products at Costco! Will that variety, or a different one, come back?

– Natalie K.