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  • Gilbert’s founders Chris Salm (R)
    and Eric Romberg

Oops…we reinvented sausage.

Our Story

Back in 2008, lifelong friends Chris Salm and Eric Romberg were spending every weekend brewing beer together.

With craft breweries revolutionizing the marketplace with better quality and variety, they wondered “why couldn’t the principles of craft beer work for traditional foods?”

So they set out to create the perfect protein. It had to be unsurpassed in quality and flavor, versatile and healthy enough for any occasion, yet (unlike other natural proteins) convenient enough to enjoy at a moment’s notice.

Chris had grown up around the meat business, and after a lot of experimenting, daydreaming and planning, he realized the answer was simple. The perfect protein was sausage, but better.

Chris worked with the world-class food scientists and sausage makers in his family to perfect the recipes and methods, and Eric soon joined Chris in launching Gilbert’s Craft Sausages.

From their humble beginnings working farmers’ markets, street fests and in-store sampling events, Chris and Eric have managed to stay true to their roots and have turned their dream into America’s fastest-growing sausage brand.

The road less traveled

Frankly, it would be much easier to make sausages with the highest profit margins, the cheapest ingredients, and the most market-tested flavors. That’s not good enough for us, and it’s not good enough for you.

We do things the hard way to make sausages that are individually-wrapped for convenience, that use the highest-quality ingredients available, and that push the envelope with flavors we know our customers will love.

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Individually-Wrapped Craft Sausages

with Mozzarella, Basil & Sun-Dried Tomatoes
with Pineapple, Ginger & Brown Sugar

See what people are saying about Gilbert’s

“I’ve tried many chicken sausage brands and nothing compares to Gilbert’s. The Caprese is my absolute favorite and I could probably live off of it.”
“I just learned about your products and searched far and wide, and finally found it. My wife says I am too focused on things, but I say when it’s good, have it.”
“By far the best chicken sausage our family has ever tasted. Even our extremely picky eater who normally will not even eat any type of sausage wanted more.”