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Fig & Feta Melts

Our Fig & Feta Chicken Sausages are so flavorful that you don’t need much else to make an epic sandwich like this one.

  • Drizzle just a tiny bit of olive oil in a pan and heat to medium-high. Coin a couple sausage links, then add them to the pan, and sauté (just a couple minutes until browned). Once done, remove from heat and set aside.
  • Next, in the same pan, add your red onion slices, and again sauté for just a couple minutes. Then remove from pan, and set aside.
  • Then, do the same for the arugula, until it is just slightly wilted. Then, remove from pan and set aside.
  • While doing the above steps, brush a small amount of butter on one side only of your bread slices. Set aside.
  • Reduce heat to low or medium-low, then place one piece of your buttered bread (butter side down) into your pan. Then, top other side (facing up) with mozzarella cheese on bottom and then add additional items to bread: chicken sausage, onion, arugula, a bit of feta, etc. Top with second piece of bread (butter side up this time) and press down slightly with the bottom side of your flipper.
  • Allow sandwich to cook until lightly browned on bottom, then flip and continue cooking other side until, again- lightly browned.
  • Remove sandwich from pan and continue cooking sandwiches until all ingredients are used up/sandwiches are made.
  • Enjoy immediately! Easy and Y-U-M!