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Italian Melt Quesadillas

What’s the Italian word for quesadilla? Here’s a personal-sized alternative to pizza that you can whip up in a flash.

  • Build your "quesadilla" in the pan: butter one side of a tortilla and set it butter-side down in the pan.
  • Add on a thin layer of mozzarella cheese (about 1/3).
  • Then top with bruschetta + diced artichoke, cooked chicken sausage (I prefer to cook it in a small pan, but you can also cook in the microwave!), tomatoes, italian parsley, the remaining cheese, and one more tortilla (butter-side up).
  • Cook each side on medium heat for approximately 4-5 minutes until golden brown and cheese is melted.
  • Cut into slices and serve with warm marinara sauce for dipping.