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Celebrate Midsommer with this bizarelly delicious Swedish street food


After trying Tunnsbrödsrulle, Anthony Bourdain proclaimed, “This is the most disgusting thing ever…and I love it.” Disgusting? This recipe is like a family picnic on the shores of Lake Winnebago – but rather than being served on separate plates it’s all wrapped up together to be eaten on the move. What’s not to like here?.

To make a wrap
  • Put your wrap on a diamond-shaped piece of wax paper or foil
  • Make 2 parallel rows of mashed potatoes and shrimp salad
  • Nestle your grilled Beef & Bleu between the two
  • Top with relish, tomato, grilled onion, lettuce, and finish with mustard and ketchup (or Sriracha)
  • Don’t worry – the two ends of this wrap are not going to close comfortably. This thing is bursting at the seems with Swedishness
  • Serve in a cup to prevent dripping, with a fork and napkin (you’re going to need it)
To make it on a bun
  • Coat one side with mashed potatoes, and the other with shrimp salad
  • You know the rest – and don’t forget the napkins, as they’re even more critical here