Bourbon Apple

As American as Apple Sausage...

Inspiration often strikes from the unlikeliest sources. A growing appreciation for bourbon (perhaps fueled by a new baby and sleepless nights?) turned into a perfect combination of flavors. Of course, there's no residual alcohol in this sausage, so no need to worry about giving it to your kids. They'll love the subtly sweet flavor of the apples, and you'll appreciate the soft, oaky nod to our nation's favorite spirit. The Bourbon Apple is much-loved on and off the bun, and with a little syrup even makes a great breakfast sausage!

All Gilbert’s Chicken Sausages are all-natural, gluten-free, and contain no pork, MSG, corn syrup, nitrates or nitrites.

We drive to Madison from Sterling Illinois for your sausages. We buy enough so all of our friends can enjoy too. Whenever we serve these up everyone says they are the best they have ever had!

Vicki M. | Testimonials